Ensuring that Your Cat Coexists

Like most people, you may want to keep a combination of few or most of cats, dogs, pigs, snakes, hamsters, rabbits, parrots, turtles or even wild pets like tigers among other pets. For many people, the many different types of pets you have, the better. For others, one or two different types of pets are okay.  Whichever the case, it’s important to learn how to coexist your pets.

A fact of the matter about different genus of pets, big or small, is that they can co exist but it’s pretty important to learn that the peaceful coexistence could be so volatile. A little fight amongst pets could turn catastrophic.

Basically, cats can live well with chinchillas, dogs, pigs, snakes, parrots and so on. However, in spite of a few of pets that might have some natural animosity like cats and mice, one may wonder how this peaceful coexistence can be. It is important first to understand that your cat as the basic home pet is very intelligent. Cats will always want to be mischievous with other pets. A cat won’t harass or attack unless of course provoked at a point it has no option of fleeing but to self defend.

One of the best ways to ensure that your cat is always at peace with all other pest at home is to ensure there is ample space for all pets. Although they will sometimes want to sleep together, designate specific places and bedding for each pet. Do not allow your pet dog quarrel with the cat over food. Ensure there is enough for each pet. Ensure that they are always healthy because any form of discomfort due to ill health may cause a pet to reprisal and get easily provoked to anger. Ensure that each of the pet has its own space, is well feed, is clean and is always happy and assisted.

Getting Your Cat to like You

Are you having a hard time with your cat? Do you feel like its withdrawn and not paying attention to you? Have you been treating your cat right? May be you have also noted some very creepy attitude from your cat. Sometimes your cat could also plot to kill you! Before you get it to like you, you need to watch out on some really funny but disturbing trends that prove your cat is thinking of killing you!

  • Firstly, you need to check on how your cat looks at you. Does it stare and glare at you?
  • Also check on any change of behavior. Is it scooping excessive litter and heaping it all over? This is not a good sign.
  • Is it bringing you dead animals? Get rid of this cat as soon as possible!
  • Do you find it hiding in weird places and checking on you? This is a sign of attack!
  • Is it often pawing at your face when you are asleep?
  • Does it very fast sprint out of every room you get into?

All of these signs call for your attention. Ignoring them is risking your life. Notice: pissed off cats are capable of killing human beings!

Why would your cat get to this? When you notice this at the early stages, get your cat to like you. Pet it and give it undivided attention and love. Let your cat know that you can protect it. Keep rubbing it as often as you can. Do not be angry at your cat all the time. When it has an annoying behavior don’t hit it. Be patient with it. Don’t just pick it. Invite it lovingly on your lap. Get down to its level and invite it to your arms.

However, do not push your cat to like you. Before you also attempt the above, only try it when the cat is relaxed and has cooled down.

Your Cat Is Happy

Although many people love to keep cats and other pets in their houses, they do not know how to care for them. If you really want to retain cordial relationship with your cat, then you have to ensure that it is always happy. This means that you have to learn different ways to make your cat happy. It is also important to understand things that you should never do to your cat. Knowing how to tell when your cat is stressed is also a better way of ensuring that your kitten is happy. There are several important ways to tell if your cat is stressed.

If your cat shows a lot of aggression towards other pets and people, then you should know that it is stressed. This could be a sign of a serious medical problem. So it is advisable to have the cat checked by a qualified veterinary officer. Even if you do not want to take your cat for medical test, you should be concerned with the cause of stress. Another way to tell when your cat is stressed is loss of appetite. If your cat refuses to eat for a considerable amount of time, then you should be worried because she may be suffering from a serious problem.

Hair loss in cats is a clear sign of stress. This condition is known as psychogenic alopecia. If you want to deal with stress in your cat, you should start by looking for the major causes of stress in cats. There are many causes of stress in cats. For instance, if the cat is underfed, it will become stressed. Poor living conditions are also a major cause of stress in cats. Always ensure that your cat is properly fed and is given a nice place to sleep. You can also consult a veterinary officer for tips on how to make a cat happy.

About Cats

Even though there are so many people who think that they know cats pretty well, there are lots of things about these friendly animals that you may still be hidden to you. A comprehensive insight into the biology and behavior of cats can help you to have a better understanding of your pet. In case you want to find out about some of the facts about cats that a good number of people are still unaware of, keep reading!

  • Cats’ senses are highly developed

Compared to humans or even other animals that can be domesticated like dogs, cats have got the ability to detect higher sound frequencies. Besides, they also have better sense of smell than that of humans. In darkness and dim lights, cats have got an upper hand in having better vision.

  • Cats are better hunters

When you have a cat at home, there are higher chances that you will not be able to see rodents hovering around. Cats have got the ability to single handedly hunt. It is important to note that cats that are in the wild can spend up to eight hours daily hunting for food in order to meet their nutritional needs. Cats are created with superior sensory adaptations that can help them in hunting without problems.

  • Cats communicate through various means

Most people say that cats are not easy to handle. However, this is because, they are unable to communicate well with them. In fact, several people often fail to understand the behaviors and modes of communication used by cats. Cats mainly use a variety of sounds to communicate. Some of these sounds include hisses, purrs, yowls, and thrills among others. Besides, cats can also communicate using their body postures, tail and ear positions, facial expressions among others. When you can understand all these, you will definitely know how to stay well with your cat.

The Breed Of Your Cat

Just like dogs, cats have different breeds in which they are identified with. The specific breed defines the personality of the cat. It also tells a lot about its temperament since different cats behave differently. Cats have different needs associated with them, depending on their breeds. For this reason, it is important to know the breed of the cat you are buying, long before you even make the purchase. You can know this by attending the occasional cat shows where different cats are displayed and analyzed. You could also get this information from the breeder you intend to buy from. Therefore, always go for that breeder who has more information than just the price of the cat.

Knowing the breeds of cats also helps you to know which ones are domesticated so you do not end up with a wild one unknowingly.  What are some of the most common domesticated cat breeds?

  1. Abyssinia cat breed

This is a very common breed with its origin not completely known though some have thought it to be Egypt, judging by several ancients Egyptian drawings.  Its short coat is like that of a lion and it is very active and playful. It is quite athletic compared to other breeds and it can be very graceful.

  1. Aegean cat breed

This is a breed whose origin can be traced to Greece.  Its length is medium and its coat patterns are made of two or three colors. In this, it could have black and white colors.

  1. American bobtail cat breed

The cat has its origin to North America. Its tail is short and has strong muscles which are quite solid. It is also athletic and graceful just like the Abyssinia breed.

Therefore try and know the cat pet you have in your home.

Cat Care 101

Cats are the most adorable creatures to own as pets.  These beautiful feline animals are gentle and a wonderful addition to your home. They are relatively easy to take care of and keep healthy. There are a few things you should consider before adopting, or buying a cat as a pet. Some people are allergic to cats and you need to find out if you are one of them. Finding out early on, will save you the trouble of having to give away your beloved pet. Age, breed and personality of the cat are important factors to consider when making your decision. There are a few tips that you should remember when taking care of your cat.

  • Proper feeding; it is important to feed your cat with the right kinds of foods for healthy growth. The food products you choose should be of the highest quality possible and should meet the required nutritional standards. Cats also require plenty of clean water.
  • Always clean the litter box; cats cannot avoid dirty litter boxes and areas that are full of clutter.
  • Grooming; proper grooming keeps the coat of the cat neat and shiny. It also prevents parasites from growing and reduces the amount of hair the cat sheds on your furniture.
  • Health visits; make sure you visit the vet offices so that the animal can receive the proper vaccinations and be checked for potential diseases and parasites it my have on them.
  • Have it sprayed and neutered. This prevents the cats from unwanted pregnancies and should be done at the age of six months.
  • Keep it indoors; keeping the cat indoors protects them from the numerous dangers that could harm it in the outside world.
  • Give your pet a lot of love and attention; this will grow the bond between you and your pet.